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There is a Pony at my Party!

Imagine having a pony for your birthday party! For a fantastic pony experience without the mess, we hold all of our parties at our gorgeous rural location! We can make up to two ponies available for riding, plus we have an adorable miniature pony for patting and grooming.


Whatever your party, our beautiful ponies, Rio and Rocky, would love to help you celebrate with your very own pony party.


Our ponies are available for grooming, decorating, and especially riding, Rio and Rocky are available to make your special pony party absolutely fantastic - right here in Wellington!

Hi, my name is Jackie Sebire of Pauatahanui, Wellington, and I'd like you to meet our beautiful party pony, Rio...

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For a party, riding lesson, school holiday program or theory lesson at Galaxy Stables, contact Sam:


Phone 04-237-7987

Mobile 027-829-3007




We are based in Pauatahanui, Wellington.


All enquiries welcome.  

Rio visited Liana's pony party in Whitby, Wellington and everyone got a chance to groom and ride her!


Here are some comments from some of Rio's pony party fans ...